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There's always something to do.

There is always something fun to do at Stafford Suites.

Music by entertainers such as The Tacoma Banjo Club, Richard Dean and the Icicle River Band or Louie Foxx the magician can be seen on a regular basis. Themed events and special days such as Western days, Hawaiian days, Oktoberfest and others include special menus in the dining room, dances and entertainment. Regular exercise classes, spiritual activities, games and more are always on the, or a walk in the park anyone? The holidays at Stafford are nothing less than spectacular!

Beth enjoys a spin on the carousel during one of
our weekly walks at Auburn's Supermall.

Marian shares the love with Rhubarb at the
Tacoma Rainier's game as Harley looks on.

Inga raises her glass to toast the
New Year.

Cliff enjoys his corn on the cob at
the Spring Fair.

Betty enjoys some snuggle time
with our equine friend, Banjo.

Mabel "cuts-up" on a park bench during our weekly
park walk at Coulen Beach.

Marvin pets and "converses" with this fuzzy friendly
baby alpaca.

Red Hat ladies at the Taste The
Moment Tea room.

Mary Mae celebrates her 100th
birthday with Stafford Suites and
over forty friends and family.

Betty enjoys her super-sized
hamburger at the XXX Rootbeer
Drive-In, in Issaquah.

Irene, and her family had a delightful time at our
Mother's Day Tea.

Maxine is serenaded by "Dean Martin" at Charley's
Town and Country Restaurant in Kent.

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