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Faye, family member

During the war, nurses were known as "Angels of Mercy". Cindy is our little angel. She gives 110% to keep the aging up and going. As family members, we appreciate how she looks after our loved ones. And that's why we feel Cindy should be recognized as our "Angel of Mercy." Thank you.

Dr. Herman, MD

This letter is in recognition of the superlative care that Cindy, RN has provided to my patient, Doris. I first met Cindy about one year ago during a routine office visit for this patient; I was instantly impressed with her knowledge of the patient, clinical insight, and most importantly, genuine respect and fondness for the patient as a fellow human being. This level of care for all of her patients has remained constant throughout the year. Recently, Doris passed on and I made a brief visit to the Stafford Suites residence in Kent, and was again impressed by the level of care and the ambiance of the patient’s surroundings. I believe Doris was treated with respect and dignity all the days under Cindy's care. She is a credit to your organization.

Jill, family member

Dear Cindy, thank you for your diligent attention to healing. You were relentless when attending to Roger's needs and always sought to keep him comfortable and free from pain. Thanks for your caring heart!

Note: My family and I will always be grateful for your concern, effort and all the extra time you spent getting Roger prepared for the trip to Guam. He had almost three weeks on his "paradise island" before he left us for the real "Paradise."

Susan, family member

Dear Cindy, as today is Father's Day, it seemed appropriate to write you a note. I wanted to personally thank you and all the staff at Stafford Suites for the wonderful care you took of my father, Jack. From day one, my brother, John, reassured me that he was happy and well. As you may remember, we had a very difficult time getting him to consider assisted living and departing from the home he and our mother shared. The warm welcome that you all gave him, the friendships he made, the entertainment and the health care added to my comfort level. When I or my children came to visit, we always came away knowing he was in a safe place.

My brother tells me that Dad was not alone at the end – that Brenda, a caregiver, was with him. Please give her my thanks for being there at the right time. And, to Laurel – I heard so many stories about how you could coax Dad into a song, or getting out and about.

You all were his angels. I know each of you did much more than any job description and I thank you for everything. My best to all Stafford Suites employees.

Dana, family member

Dear Dave, I write on behalf of my father, Bob, my sister Susan, and myself. We all want to express our thanks and admiration for Stafford Suites' Wellness Director Cindy, RN.

Cindy has served us in her capacities as administrator of Dad’s records, history and ongoing care; as manager of her excellent staff of caregivers including, but not limited to Hopie, Corie, Horeja, Janette and Haidee; and finally as hands-on direct provider of skilled nursing care to Dad when Cindy deemed that her direct skill was indicated. I am sure you appreciate that it is uncommon to find all of the above skills in one person. My family and I are pleased and impressed that our beloved father is in the care of such a skilled and caring person. Cindy is in every way an asset to Stafford Suites Kent.

Cindy made herself available to me both at Stafford Suites and during some of her off hours to help me with issues in arranging Dad’s discharge from Valley Medical Center, and also aided me by phone with management of Dad’s successful discharge, including the essential private nursing Dad required that is outside the scope of Stafford Suites services. Despite the efforts of the hospital Discharge Planners, and the "Help for Moms" referral service, it was Cindy who found the provider we selected to supervise administering Dad’s insulin medication.

More generally, all of your staff, including Jean, who took the time to visit Dad at the hospital, Laurel, who is a cheering presence and took the time to show me pictures of happier times Dad enjoyed, Janette, who supervised his bathing, and all of the others whose names I have failed to recall have been unfailingly courteous, helpful, and cheerful at all hours of the day and night. We are comforted that such fine folks care for our Dad.

The Richardson Family

We would like to tell you a short warm story.

We moved our Aunt Lucille into Stafford Suites in the fall of 2006. She had started down the path of not taking care of herself. From a friend in the medical community, Stafford Suites' name was highly recommended. I set up an in-house appointment with Cindy Diller, the Wellness Director. She made it so easy. Lucille called Stafford Suites home for almost four years.

Initially, Lucille was able to care for herself with the yummy meals brought to her chair-side. Lucille was very secluded and private, and the staff respected that. Lucille was in a five star hotel, or so she thought.

As Lucille's medical problems progressed, the staff stepped up around every bend and exceeded everyone's expectations. We never had to worry about Lucille's care at Stafford Suites. With my knowledge of what nursing home care is like, I begged and pleaded for Lucille to return to Stafford Suites after she had a fall in which she broke her hip. The accountants and medical staff rose to the occasion, with smiles and respect. After all she was family.

I would have to say Stafford Suites is a great place that addresses a need in society. Instead of just meeting industry standards, Stafford Suites leads and exceeds them. I hope this place is still around when I need their help, for I will be moving in. I would move in tomorrow if Cindy would let me. You cannot get a better recommendation than that.

I would like to personally thank everyone at Stafford Suites. You made Lucille's stay meaningful, comfortable, respectful and thoughtful.

Please keep a room open for me, for I will be hollering up and down the halls.

The Scott Family

My parents were finally ready to move out of their condominium and into an assisted living home. We did our homework and found what we believed to be a perfect place for them, a competitor of Stafford Suites. We went through the tour, the evaluation, the cost and what we could expect from the staff. We all felt that they would be able to live there for one or two years without any problems. After three months, a staff member called and requested that we move my Dad immediately. This caused a tremendous stress as we spent the next days on a frantic search for a new home. A part-time staffer at the original facility, who also worked at Stafford Suites, told us to try Stafford Suites ("they were nicer and more caring"). We are so grateful for her suggestion. We met with Mom and Dad, the Director of Community Relations, the Executive Director and the RN Wellness Director. They did an evaluation and to our great relief welcomed my parents with open arms.

As my Dad's dementia worsened Stafford kept us informed as to what steps could be taken to make sure he was safe and cared for. They simply adjusted to his condition instead of asking him to leave for a more intensive care facility.

In August my Dad's dementia had gotten to the point that he needed to be in an advanced care home. Once again the staff at Stafford Suites was there for us, helping in any way they could, making sure my Dad's care and safety came first. We were told to take our time in finding a place for him and that they would care for him during our search. It was such a change from our previous experience in moving them.

My mother still resides at Stafford Suites. She feels safe and is grateful to have had the extra months she had at Stafford with my Dad. She has a great view from her room and loves all the activity out her window.

Stafford provides medication services, housekeeping, outings, meals, companionship, entertainment and a safe and happy home for the residents. They even take my Mom to see Dad anytime she wants.

Our first experience at finding an assisted living home was a sell job. Our experience with Stafford Suites is care. This makes the whole experience of finding a safe and caring home totally different in the best way. The entire staff cares so much and does a great job!

We are compassionate healthcare professionals who treat our guests like family.