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Here's what people are saying about us...

Bill C.

"Stafford Suites answered my needs at a time when I really needed it and now has become my home. I appreciate the extra care provided by the staff. It feels more like a family. The staff really listen to me and they want me to be happy. If you are thinking about Assisted Living, don't wait too long, come when you can enjoy living here and take part in all of the great things we do!"

Joyce H.

"I love everything about my life at Stafford Suites. The staff are so kind. Everyone seems so happy and joyful. I am so thankful my kids searched and found this wonderful place for me to live. I know they feel comfortable knowing I am not alone and have help available if and when I need it. At Stafford Suites, all of my needs are met and I am kept entertained with a variety of activities. I would not change a thing about my life here at Stafford Suites."

Fran W.

"I love Stafford Suites! It has a family atmosphere. The staff really care and go the extra mile to make sure I am happy. All of my needs are met with respect and a caring attitude. The activity director does a wonderful job keeping us entertained with interesting and fun activites. My family enjoy coming in to have meal with me or attend a special event. The food is always fresh and top notch. I am so glad I made the move and I am very satisified."

Beatrice R.

"I enjoy all the staff and the other residents who live here. I have made some great new friends. I have one friend who lives here that I have known for 75 years. I would highly recommend Stafford Suites if you can’t live at home. I enjoy the warm, family feel and the staff are all so caring! I am happy to call this is my home now. I can be as independent as I want to be, but know that if I need help with something, the staff are close by and more than willing to help me if I need them."

Marcia W.

"I am so happy to  call this my home. I love the community atmosphere. The staff feel like my family. We do so many fun things. It is like a cruise ship that does not go anywhere! I am very happy with my comfortable private apartment that is complete with everything I need including extra help if I call. I'm excited about the many activities and I take part in almost everything. My favorite activities are playing Bridge  with my friends, Sittercise three times a week, BINGO and Yahtzee! The staff here are outstanding and we have so much fun all the time!"

Al E.

"Several years ago, my sister lived at Stafford Suites. I came often to visit her and I was impressed with how happy she was. She was treated with so much dignity and respect. When the time came that I needed more help, I moved into another Senior Community. I was there only a short while because there was no comparision to Stafford. I have been at  Stafford Suites for several years and I never regretted moving here and just wish I would have moved in sooner. The staff are like family to me and I am so thankful for all of them and the new friends I have made."

We are compassionate healthcare professionals who treat our guests like family.