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Today's Activities

Saturday, April 20
10:00AM   Keep Fit class
10:30AM   Coffee social
10:30AM   Dog visits
1:30PM     Movie time
6:07PM     Watch Mariners game

Sunday, April 21
1:07PM    Watch Marines game
2:30PM    Ice cream sundaes
2:30PM    Your choice games

Monday, April 22
9:00AM        Foot care by appointment
10:00AM      Keep fit class
1:00PM         Shop at Dollar Tree
1:30PM         Movie matinee
2:30PM         Ice cream social
7:00PM         Watch Wheel of Fortune with friends

Tuesday, April 23
8:30-3:30PM    Doctor appt transportation Sumner/Puyallup
9:00 - 3:30PM  Hair salon is open
10:00AM          Keep fit class
2:30PM             Bingo
7:10PM             Watch Marines game

Wednesday, April 24
8:30-11            Dr. appointments in Auburn
12:30-3:30       Dr. appointments in Bonney Lake
9AM-3:30PM  Hair Salon open
10:00AM         Keep fit class
2:00PM            Piano music of all kinds
2:30PM            Ice cream floats
3-4PM             Wellness checks
7:00PM            Watch Wheel of Fortune

Thursday, April 25
9 - 3:30     Hair salon open
9:00AM    Current Events
9:30AM    Library visits
10:00AM  Keep fit class
1:15PM     Fresh popped popcorn
2:30PM     Bingo
3:30PM     Challenge Bingo
7:00PM     Share the Bible
7:10PM     Watch Marines game

Friday, April 26
10:00AM   Keep Fit class
10:30AM   Catholic Services
2:00AM     Cosmos Dream Music
2:30PM      Banana Splits
3:00PM      Riley the service dog visits
7:10PM      Watch Marines game

Saturday, April 27
10:00AM  Keep fit class
10:30AM  Coffee social
10:30AM  Dog visits
1:30PM    Movie matinee
6:10PM    Watch Mariners game

Sunday, April 28
1:10PM     Watch Mariners game
2:30PM     Your choice games
2:30PM     Ice Cream Sundaes

Monday, April 29
10:00AM  SAIL fitness class
1:00PM    Shopping at Fred Meyer
1:30PM    Movie matinee
2:30PM    Ice Cream Social
7:00PM    Watch Wheel of Fortune with friends

Tuesday, April 30
8:30AM - 3:30PM  Sumner/Puyallup Dr appointments
9:00-3:30  Hair Salon open
10:00AM  Keep Fit exercise class
1:15PM    Bring a thing
2:30PM     Bingo
7:10PM    Watch Mariners game

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