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Daily Specials

Ice Cream of the Month: Key Lime Cheesecake and Sugar Free Black Cherry

* = Best for Low Sodium Diet
+ = Best for Diabetic Diet

Today's Specials

Friday, June 23
Lunch: *+Salmon with Dill Sauce or Chicken Strips
Dinner: *+Lemon Pepper Fish or Tuscan Panini Sandwich

Saturday, June 24
Lunch: Crab Stuffed Fish or *+Chicken Salad Plate
Dinner: Tuna Melt Sandwich or *+Italian Meatloaf
Sunday, June 25
Lunch: *+Pecan Crusted Fish or Maple Chili Glazed Pork
Dinner: Seafood Salad Sandwich or *+Chicken Parmesan
Monday, June 26
Lunch: BBQ Chicken or *+Pot Roast
Dinner: *+Roman chicken or Parmesan Crusted Fish
Tuesday, June 27
Lunch: *+Shrimp Scampi or Chicken Lasagna
Dinner: *+Denver Egg Strata or Maryland Chicken
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